Several methods of improving sound quality




Method 1: clean the contact every half a year
As we all know, soon after the metal is exposed to the air, there will be oxidation on the surface layer, which will lose luster and become dull. Even though the surface of the signal wire plug is not easy to oxidize after gold-plated treatment, and it has close contact with the body plug again, but after a long time, there will still be a certain degree of oxidation leading to poor contact, so it should be cleaned every six months at most. As long as the cotton is stained with alcohol to smear the contact point, after this heavy work, the contact point can be restored to the best contact, and the sound will be clear and transparent.

Method 2: clean CD player CD player
Obviously, the area of the CD head is only a little, but it can read the marks on the CD. Therefore, as long as there is a little dust on the CD head, it can affect the accuracy of reading signals. Although most of the CD players have sealed bodies, don't forget that there is a gap in the process of often getting out the discs and getting in the discs to let the dust in. After a period of time, there must be more or less dust on the surface of the turntable. At this time, you need to screw on the cover, open the cover and clean it directly with cotton stick and alcohol. Although there are all kinds of cleaning CDs on the market, you have spent tens of yuan. Those so-called cleaning CDs may only rely on a row of brushes to remove dust or use lint to remove dust by rotation. The effect is not as complete as using cotton stick directly. When you clean that CD player that hasn't washed your hair for a long time, it will feel like a layer of yarn will be lifted when you listen again, and the high frequency will return to the clarity of the past, and the details will be more beautiful. The cleaning process is about once a year. Even if you use pioneer's reversing disc system (laser head down rather than up), the dust will still be attracted by the static electricity of the head, so this time is still not saved.

Method 3: try to avoid stacking machine
Based on the environmental problems, there is no alternative to stack the equipment. When conditions permit, the most important CD source and sound amplifying part should be placed independently as far as possible, because overlapping will lead to harmonic vibration and affect the machine. When the loudspeaker plays music, the vibrating air causes the equipment to follow the vibration. When the two machines are overlapped, they will transmit harmonic vibration to each other, making the fine information in the music unclear, and interfering with the transmission of each frequency band, resulting in a kind of noise pollution. For example, one of them is a CD player, and the continuous rotation of the motor increases the harmonic vibration amplitude when it plays the disc itself, and the impact is even greater. Therefore, the equipment shall be placed on the stable rack independently.

Method 4: maintain the distance between the split power supply and the host and the rear stage of mono channel
At present, many middle price front stages have a box size split power supply, which simply divides the fire cow and the main engine into two parts. The advantage is that it can naturally isolate the possible interference between the internal parts and the fire cow. If the split power supply is placed next to the front stage, it is a bit meaningless. Move it away from the front stage as soon as possible. If it is placed in the rack on the other floor, the overall separation can be heard in real time, and the audio and video will be more accurate. The rear stage of the mono is also the same. The conditional two pieces of equipment should be placed separately to ensure the advantages and disadvantages. There are more ways to improve the sound quality and the maintenance of household appliances in Skyworth box forum.


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